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Thomas is a Russian Blue coloring with Emrald eyes. He has fluffy fur like his Father.

Personality Edit

Thomas is very quite and tends to stay in the background. He doesn't get in trouble and enjoys being alone. Thomas would rather settle down with a good book and some tea then rather talk to someone. He isn't shy though and speaks his mind,trying to get his opinion across. If you ever need Thomas check the library or a warm sunny corner.

Bio Edit

Thomas was born in a strange land but was soon taken away from there and raised on a nice ranch. His Mother Maddie raised him and his siblings there. Thomas usually takes walks around the ranch and catches mice. He hangs out in his owners study and loves ready everything there. When their owner is gone Thomas usually makes himself tea and lays down with a good book,and on occasion go for a nice stroll and enjoy nature.

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  • Mother-Maddie
  • Father-Cheshire
  • Brother-Dino
  • Sister-Clarity
  • Sister-Brooke