The baobab fruit games is inspired by the begining movie of the movie The lion guard  . When bunga and kion were chasing the baobab fruit around , and fighting for it .

abou the story

This  is about a traditional game played in the pride lands and the kids of kion and Jasiri playing for the first and only time of there life with there cousins Kiaras and kovus kids : soco and jama . This game determinds there skills and how there adult hood would be like , if they be strong or weak and things like that and the leader of the second generation lion guard Soco is 95% chance of winning, and that makes the others work hard the game and there is only one round and you have run the whole pride lands . Enjoy the story ( I want this to be a long story too )


" Kids it is time to get out of bed you big day is hear " Kion said licking runt 

" What kind of big day " moed asked .

" rember its the baobab fruit games !"