These are second generation OC's and belong to Chiselthepaeleontologypup



Nico: Nico Wilde is very daring and brave. He's fearless (except for a fear of savages) so this gets him into trouble. Nico respectively look up to Hunter Wilde, his brother, and Darla Wilde,his sister, and protects his younger brother, Hoppens.

Hoppens: Hoppens Wilde is outgoing and brave. He does anything he needs to, except for face danger head on unless he needs to, in a very short amount of time. He kinda talks fast and is very entergetic. He looks up to his older brothers, Nico and Hunter, and his older sister, Darla.


Nico: Nico interrogates the suspects and witnesses. He catches the villains or leads them to Hoppens so he could catch it. He is also good at tracking villains. BOTH BOYS ARE USUALLY TOGETHER ON MISSIONS Hoppens: Hoppens is the one that writes notes during interrogation and handcuffs the caught villains. He is also good at hearing things from far away.


Crushes: Nico-need suggestions, Hoppens-need suggestions

Fears:Nico- savage animals(but will face them when needed), Hoppens- savage animals, wolves, Cheif Bogo

Likes:Nico- video games, football, Hoppens: candy, playing with his family,

Dislikes:Nico- Cheif Bogo, lawbreakers Hoppens- lawbreakers, pollution