Madi is a first generation offspring and belongs to Chiselthepaleontologypup


Personality Edit

Madi is really really curious. She gets into everything and kind of puts her tounge on everything. She spunds a lot like her sister, Maurice, but is a little deeper. Madi is also very bubbly and always lights up the world with her positive attitude and jokes.

Bio Edit


Crush Edit

One day Madi was following a butterfly and got completely lost from her home. That's when she met Clover. He helped her survive, and as they spent more time together she developed feelings for him. When she got home, Madi found out that Clover was her next door neighbor. A few weeks later Clover asked Madi out on a date and they happily got together.

Trivia Edit

Crush: Clover

Fears: storms, ladders

Likes: butterflies

Dislikes: mud, bullies

Friends: Clover-crush, Au and Granite-not really as much Au as of Granite, Yznyr, Nico, Hoppens, Hunter

  • When she grows up she wants to be an artist
  • Her singing voice is beautiful
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