These cubs are Jasiri and kion cubs ( and yes were taking about Jasiri from the lion guard and kion the leader of the lion guard ) .

The creator is by Eva1234dog 

Kions and Jasiris cubs

there personalityEdit

Soet : She's very sweet and loving , she love to play with her best bro Viper aka bff .she's loves to chase anything small , poor Hyraxs  lol . 

Viper : he's adventurous , and very kind to others and has a big fear of of mean  outlander .

Sojokalade : he's very thought , but is kinda nice he is very feace like his dad , and loves to reseal .

Loper : he's scared that Sojokalade is going to kill him , since he's not that strong but he's not the runt , he's very sweet and lovein . 

Mooi : hes the first born and is best friends with the second born Moed who is his sister , Mooi means handsome , Mooi is hyper , smart and loves to  chase birds .

Moed : The second born , She's is best friends with Mooi , and she is very Adventurous and fierce , and loves to sing  .

Runt : Runt is well the runt of litter , he is the outcast , he is weak and scared of anything bigger , since they Might crush him .

appearance Edit

File:Soet .jpg
soet : she is yellow like her dad but lighter and has dark purple spots like her mom on her back , and has a brown sock and has red bangs and green eyes

Viper :  hes purple like his mom And has an orange  tipped tail and an orange trim on his head like his dad but orange , and has orange tipped ears and eyes .


Loper  : loper is the twin of sojokalade he's dark brown and has a black tipped head .

File:Loper and sojokalade.jpg

Sojokalade : he has black bangs and is chocolate brown and has a black spot and has a a black tipped tail and has black circles around his eyes and has black and tan socks on all of his legs .

File:Mooi .jpg
mooi : he's orange and has a blue tipped head and has an yellow  under belly.and pink eyes .

moed : She's purplish like her mom and has pink bangs , ear tips under belly and spots , and white socks . 


Runt : he's grey and has a purple under belly .


Another reason why runt thinks he's an outcast is because he doesn't have an African name .

When kion and Jasiri were naming them the didn't really have a name for runt so that is what they call him .

Loper and Sojokalade are the only ones that grow a mains but lopers main comes in 3 months after  sojokalade .

they all play inin the baobab fruit games and the winner moed 

The stories

The baobab fruit games


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