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shortbio : 

Leandro is the cousin of Noah Wilde and Darla Wilde  and Nicks brothers son . Leandro is very close to Noah and Darla  , leandro went to school with Darla   , Leandro is the same age as Darla and always had the same teachers as Darla . Leandro was born 2006 November 6 .  


Leandro Wilde Leandro_Wilde_.jpg


  Leandro loved to play hand ball in  school , and hang out with his cousins and friends Hes very nice to his family and friends and is very serious when it comes to homework .   he is very ticklish .      In his adult years he became a police man just like his aunt Judy and Uncle Nick . Ever since he was an 8 year old he loved to watch cop movies , and loved to play cops and robber's at the park with his friends and family .  His friends were David the tiger , Alanna the timberline Kalya the fox ,wolf , logan the coyote , Avery the dingo and Landon the deer .they all know each other a hang out with each other , even when Leandro plays hand ball .he also joined the Ranger scouts , witch gave his uncle Nick a Freak out , but everything was fine . Read this story : Don't worrie about Leandro , nick . . Around his teenage years he falls in love with a one of his friends from Elementary School  named Kayla , and they had kids in there adult years girl named Angel and a boy named Daniel .

Looks .

He's a brown fox with a White tipped tail and white fur from the chest to his under belly . and has orange eyes .

Triva .

His favorite color is blue 

He loves pizza .


Danny Wilde  = dad 

Lani Wilde  = mom 

Kayla colen = wife 

Noah Wilde   = Cousin 

Darla Wilde = cousin 

Kayla colen = wife 

Nick Wilde = Uncle 

Judy Wilde ( Hopps is her last name before she is married to Nick ) = aunt 

Robin Wilde = Grandfather

Marian Wilde  = Grandmother        

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[2]Darla and leandro walking to school .[3]Messing around over a tablet : Darla and Leandro messing around with Darla's tablet .XD[4]Leandros first kiss with Kayla ![5]Noah pushing Leandro and Darla pushing Kayla to have a kiss .[6]He's rocken it !! Leandro and his hip hop music !![7]Leandro and his friends eating the popsicles by nick , and they all have different flavors .