Hunter Wilde is PrinceBalto's Zootopia OC and the hybrid son of Nick and Judy.
Hunter Wilde

Hunter Wilde

About him

Hunter is the history-making son of Nick and Judy Wilde (formerly Judy Hopps). Before Judy discovered that she was pregnant with him, they didn't know it was possible for their two kinds to reproduce the regular way and believed adoption would be their route to parenthood. However, Hunter was brought into existence during Nick and Judy's first wedding anniversary, and born nine months later. The media outlets wanted images of him, but he was guarded by his parents and grandparents. He resembles a fox, but has the ears, nose and tail of a rabbit. He has grey and white fur like Judy, and has one green eye and one purple eye. Like his father, he is omnivorous, and has fox-like teeth. He is a creative individual and is a rather talented story writer by the time he hits young adulthood. In young adulthood, he falls in love with and dates a beautiful vixen named Rita, whom he eventually marries and has a daughter, Shawna, with. He has two younger brothers, Nico and Hoppens, and a younger sister, Darla. He and his siblings are referred to as "Fobbits".


  • Judy gave him his name because it reflected his half-predator heritage.
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