File:No foxes.jpg

File:No foxes.jpg

lovey day ! Leandro said waking up from his bed . 

Leandro baby .  his mom lani said . 

Yes mama ? He answer putting on his cloth's and getting ready for school . 

Don't forget to brush you hair neatly because today is picture day . lani said .

Oh thanks for reminding me I need my bowtie . leandro answered .* door bell * 

Coming  ! Danny yelled . 

Danny opened the door .

Hi uncle Danny ! Darla said 

Is Leandro ready for school ? Darla asked 

Coming Darla ! Leandro said running down the hall and jumping over the couches . 

Bye mom dad ! Leandro said . bye bab . lani answered . 

Hey Darla can I ask you something ? Leandro said 

Sure . she answered .

Your dad with probably freak out but I .. Want to join the Ranger scouts . leandro said . 

My dad said no because of what happened to your dad . said Leandro .

Well you can always ask your mom , besides this is a new  generation , I'm sure everything changes ! Darla said .

I guess . he answered .

Well here we are at school . Darla said . 

Picture day is right ahead . leandro said . 

A few hours after school ...........   . and after walking home .....

Hey mom ...? Leandro asked .

Yes hon ? Lani answered .

I want to join the ... the ..... the  .... oh never mine . leandro said . let me guess you want to join the junior Ranger scouts ? Lani said 

Yesss , how did you know ? Leandro asked .

Because you father told me . she answered . you wanted what !!! Nick yelled . 

Ahh uncle Nick you head me !!!! Leandro held .

What did happen uncle ? Leandro asked 

Uhhh..... OK . well when I was 9 I went to the building of the junior Ranger scouts and uhhh .... Uhhh ..  uhhhh .... Nick said .

Dad are you OK ? Darla asked 

File:Zootopia - Nick Wilde Childhood Scene HD
. no I'm no I'm uhhh... No hmmm ..I was muzzled hmmm ... Mom !!! Nick said nervously .

You know what you don't have to tell me uncle . leandro said .

O ...o ...OK . nick said .

Wow its that serious ? Danny said .

A few days later .....

What Leandro is at boy scouts !!!!! Nick yelled .

Brother its a different generation , I'm sure everything changed .  

I'm back !! Leandro said . 

How was it ? Judy said . 

Everyone was so nice they even let me go first to play baseball and loved how I was so good at hand ball I made a new friend . 

Well I'm happy for  you ! nick said . me to Judy said .