Disney academy is the place where all Disney offspring children go to school at and was made by Chisel's-on-the-way. Mickey mouse found it.

Ownership Edit

Disney academy is owned by chisel's-on-the-way and Crazyneonwolfx

Appearance Edit

Disney academy has the looks of a castle on the outside. The grey bricks, square pattern on the top [the thing that goes one square up, then no square, and so on], and it's tall appearance. But in the inside it looks like any normal school. It has the white bricks, metal doors, and rectangle lights on the white-spotted-with-grey-ceiling. The floor has black and white tiles that make black Mickey mouse every few steps. The library, however, has carpet. They have computers and up-to-date technology.

Maps: Edit

Staff (not the teachers) Edit

Principal-Mickey mouse

Front desk person-Minnie mouse

Chef-Princess Tiana[Movie: The princess and the frog], Naveen [Movie: The princess and the frog], Remy [Movie: Ratituolli] and his rat family

Janitor-Molt [Movie: WALL-E] And his cleaning crew

Clinic-Baymax [Movie: Big hero six]

Grades Edit


First grade

Second grade

Third grade

Forth grade

Fifth grade

Sixth grade

Seventh grade

Eighth grade

Ninth grade

Tenth grade

Eleventh grade

Twelfth grade



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