Appearance Edit

Gender: Male

Dino is a large, stocky grey tabby with distinct black stripes adorning his back. His fur has the tendency to stick up to the extent that it resembles a porcupine. Dino's muscular build gives him the ability to frighten away dangerous predators and enemies.Dino has light brown eyes one of which is blind. This disability was caused by a feral cat he got into a fight with as a juvenile kitten.Due to the many scuffles Dino has gotten into, he possesses many injuries and battle scars to show for it (proudly so). His tail has been reduced to a short stub, similar to that of a bobcat's. His right ear is notched from a run-in with a fox.

Personality Edit

Dino's physical prowess, athleticism, and courage have caused him to develop an inflated sense of self-confidence. He often refers to himself as "the strongest feline in the world" and will attempt to instigate a fight with anyone. This trait has gotten Dino into a large amount of trouble over the years.Dino is instinctively protective, and is constantly defending his smaller and weaker siblings from danger -- even to the point of being over-protective. However, he is constantly joking around with his brother and sister, hoping to get a rise out of the two. Despite these numerous attempts, Thomas usually looks up from his book, and then proceeds to ignore his burly brother. Meanwhile, Brooke gives Dino one nasty claw to the face and a loud "hiss" to let her brother know she needs her beauty time.Despite his brother Thomas's wisdom and his sister Brooke's clever ways, Dino prefers to rely on brawn over brains. He openly admits that he is not the most intelligent creature to have lived, but has stated he doesn't care because he'd rather be physically powerful than mentally.

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