Important Note Edit

Hi guys! I'm making yet another oc! This time it's Candy! She has no crush so suggest in comments if u would like someone to be her crush.

Candy is the adoptive Daughter of Olaf.

Apperance Edit

Candy Has Lightbrown hair with dark green eyes. She will wear like a brett for every day for one week, And maybe Bows the next, You never now her crazy style.

Bio Edit

One Snowy night, Olaf was walking around town enjoying the night. Then he heard a faint crying sound down a dark Ally. He tried to ignore it, But he was to guiltily to just leave it there. He walked down the ally cautious, Until he came upon Candy. He loved her at First sight. He picked up the tiny baby and walked house to house checking everyone but no one claimed her. He decided to take her home and put her by the fire to warm her up. She did and once she was Olaf picked her up and she suddenly opened her eyes. Her eyes were all big and she laughed and grabbed Olafs nose saying, "Daddy!" Olaf was full of joy And hugged her. She giggled And grabbed his arm. For some reason, He felt like Candy was a good name for her, So he named her that. The next morning he showed her to Anna and Elsa. Anna loved her but Elsa didn't approve. She told him to go find her mom, And Olaf begged and begged to keep her. He told her about last night, And finally, Elsa let her stay. Olaf took good care of her, And all of them were surprise. Once she was older, She loved riding on Spen, Until For her birthday Olaf got her a little baby horse named flurry. Flurry was perfect and the right size. Olaf of course had some help, But he kept his little girl happy.