Appearance Edit

Brooke is a Pearl colored Siamese cat like her Mother. She has blue eyes and a white patch of fur on her chest.


Brooke-(Offline Image) I will probably change this,but I saw it and was OMG

Personality Edit

Brooke is a diva like her Mother and loves to show off. She can't stand being wrong and will argue until you say she is right. Brooke holds grudges and won't let them go until she thinks she's been brought justice. Brooke is quite mean and snappy so try to stay on her good side. When Brooke hurts someone's feelings,instead of saying "Sorry" she will just brush it off as something she ment to do.

Bio Edit

Raised on a Ranch Brooke would kill for some girl time. She is often found in the bathroom messing around with the make-up. Brooke hates going outside in the dirt especially on a walk. Brooke tends to stay close to her Mother and they talk about girl things. Brooke is a suck-up and acts innocent around her owner and Mother. When Brooke is told to do something,she will usually bully one of her brothers into doing it for her. Brooke keeps her fur clean and has her own high and mighty bed on their owners dresser.

Trivia Edit


  • Mother-Maddie
  • Father-Cheshire
  • Brother-Thomas
  • Brother-Dino
  • Sister-Clarity






Mommys Girl

Mommy's Girl Again not what they look like but saw it and was like OMG